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Free download why is my facebook news feed not updating. Facebook News Feed Not Working If you are unable to get the feed to work even after multiple attempts, you may want to dig deeper and find out what is causing the issue. It could be there is something that you are doing wrong on your device and that is causing the feed not to update.

If any of your feeds are not loading properly, you may want to try using a different browser or updating the browser you're currently using.

If that doesn't work, please use the “Report a Problem” link on your account to let us know more about what you're seeing. If you have a slow connection, the news feed might not work for you. Facebook is down: Facebook has a lot of downtimes. This can be said for both, the mobile and desktop platform.

The backend service of Facebook is the same so if it is undergoing maintenance or is down due to any reason, then both platforms get affected. If your Facebook feed isn’t updating then it could be due to one of the following reasons: 1) Posts are shared to your Facebook Page from a user’s Personal Profile or a non-public Facebook Page. My first change was to prioritize pages and profiles to “see first” in my feed. When you click News Feed on the left-hand side of the Facebook desktop site, an option to Edit Preferences* will.

Why isn't my facebook live newsfeed updating? Ever since this new layout came out, my news feed has not been updating on a normal basis.

Why is this? Source(s): isn 39 facebook live newsfeed updating: smah.kvadrocity.ru 0 0. tica. Lv 4. 4 years ago. Facebook News Feed Not Updating. Click in the top right of Facebook. Select Settings and Privacy > News Feed Preferences. To adjust your News Feed preferences: Click See First to make posts from people or Pages appear at the top of your News. I noticed after midnight on New Years' that my brandy-new Droid 2 Global no longer updated Facebook (using the native Moto "Social Networking" widget) and no longer updated the News Feeds.

Soft-reset no help, tried syncing all the networks, no help, deleted and replaced the widgets on the screen, n. So, I went into Edge settings and cleared everything out. Here’s how: Clear Browsing Data in Edge. Click the three little dots at the top far right and in the menu that opens, click Settings; Locate Clear Browsing Data and click the Choose what to clear button; Enable all options and then click the Clear button:; NOTE: I didn’t worry about the options under “Show more”, left them well.

Facebook hasn't only recently come under fire for its news feed issues and ad blocks, it's been hampered by these issues for quite some time. You might not have been experiencing it as much as others, since it is a relatively new problem to the world of social media in.

Facebook news feed not updating, only showing a few posts. Close. 2. Recently my facebook feed has not been displaying new post and only showing old posts, only showing 3 or four.

It is the same post every time I log into facebook. i scroll to the end of my news feed. Either way, the News Feed is the first thing users view, and when they stop updating, emotions run high. This can be troublesome, especially if you like to check the News Feed first thing in the morning. I have a bunch of solutions that should resolve the Facebook news feed not updating issue for good. Update 1 – Another workaround to getting to the most recent. One of my readers reached out through my contact form and sent an interesting note that there is a quicker way to get to the Most Recent view of your Facebook feed without having to navigate through the menus.

Hey Sean, Thanks for the tip on setting up a bookmark to show the most recent feed in the desktop view of Facebook. Currently, the new News Feed-only posting feature is available on Facebook on the Web but not on mobile. When you begin writing a status update in the box at the top of the News Feed, you'll see a. Myself and many of my friends here in NZ have been having a similar issue – for a couple of weeks; not only is endless scroll not working, the feed will only show a few posts, often a couple of new ones if you are lucky before jumping to very old (cached?) ones.

The Recent Posts feed may often show nothing and suggest “getting some friends”. Facebook feeds not updating! some of my contacts are no longer updating posts from facebook in the people hub.

i noticed this after linking a contact to their new live id, however at least one facebook only contact is not updating either! most are fine and i am able to receive their posts in the face book app as normal.

The good news is that you can fix your Facebook News Feed to show more posts that interest you and fewer that do not. By taking just a few minutes to fix your feed, you may be able to enjoy.

Facebook offers users two options for sorting stories in the News Feed: Top Stories and Most Recent. Click the Sort menu in the top right-hand corner of the News Feed to access the drop-down menu. Here's how to access your Most Recent news feed: Tap the "More" button in the Facebook app. Scroll to the Feeds section and tap on the grey "Feeds" header to expand it.

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why does my MSN news not automatically refresh news? my MSN news does not update automatically update, what do i need to do. Manaul refresh works but whoudl it not automatically update? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

Subscribe to RSS feed. I am having a problem with my facebook app updating the latest news feed and it won't pull up comments. All i get is the little round circle going round and round. I recently just had att U-verse and internet added but it it's a wifi problem, it's not affecting nothing else.

Facebook is a social network where member share messages and status updates with online friends. The network also offers a platform for third party developers. Thus although my start page only gives me the top sites with no news feed, any new tab gets both top sites and news feed. What I want is the news feed on the start page but there is no customise option on the Start page.

Under Edge settings, I have it set to open with the Start page and as I say, that opens with top sites and nothing else. Note. 2 days ago  My pages are not disabled because my administrator can gain access to my pages —No reply from facebook except sending me password reset codes —even sent. Only solution I've found is to log out and log back in to the Facebook app. Of course that only resolves the problem temporarily. Currently, I have deleted the app and just added a shortcut to the website on my home screen and it loads fine.

Very frustrating that Facebook developers can't get this right when they have a + mb app to work with! Not long ago, Facebook made headlines because of the permissions it was asking for. As a result, Facebook detailed exactly what permissions it was asking for and why. The. The privacy settings are what someone can see when they go view your profile. They will still show up to you.

When you make updates to your profile, it will show in the news feed that you updated your profile - profile information, adding a new pr. Your News Feed should be filled with updates from your friends and people and Pages you follow. The company is constantly updating its system, especially lately, Like any algorithm, the one that manages the Facebook News Feed is not perfect. You can. Sort Feed by Most Recent in Facebook’s Old Design.

If you’re using Facebook’s older interface, you can still sort your Facebook feed by most recent. Click the three horizontal dots next to “News Feed” in the left sidebar and then select the “Most Recent” option. Update: The original steps mentioned in this post do not work for the new version of Microsoft Edge, with looks and works a lot like Google smah.kvadrocity.ru you already have the new version of Edge, follow the steps highlighted below.

Open Edge, and on the “new tab” page click ⚙ > Custom. ⚙ icon is near the top right corner of the page. Select “Content off” to disable the news feed. This is called the Share box, and it's where you'll type your status update or thoughts and upload photos. Home Page and News Feed.

Your Facebook Home page displays your News Feed. Your News Feed page is where you can see and scroll through anything posted by the people and business Pages you follow. Sharing your thoughts with your Facebook friends is instantaneous -- the second you click the “Post” button, your update appears on your Timeline and your friends' News Feeds. If you notice your status updates taking a long time to appear, or your News Feed is not showing recent updates from friends, your settings could be incorrect or.

Fix Facebook Not Working After an Update on iPhone. There could be third-party apps that let you access your Facebook account but you must make sure that you're using the official app for Facebook. Sometimes, the third-party apps may have issues and they prevent you from accessing Facebook but you might think it's Facebook that's having issues.

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